Replacements and repairs of a high-rise building’s windows are quite costly, which is why proper maintenance has to be applied. Unlike the windows of a residential house, high-rise buildings’ are too high for the reach of an inexperienced repairman, so getting the assistance of a professional glass replacement service should be mandatory.

Your high-rise windows are extremely important to shield your interior from the elements, so taking extra care of it is a must. Many factors can come into play that can cause damage to your high-rise building’s windows—and knowing about them can help you better protect your building.

Here are four of the most common causes that would warrant a need for high-rise window repair services.

Poor installation or material

If your high-rise building is relatively new but your windows have already been damaged or cracked, then chances are that it was either of poor make or poorly installed. Unlike shorter buildings, a high-rise building faces more wind pressure due to fewer obstructions blocking the wind. It is for this reason that window installation has to be done seamlessly and properly, as anything less will cause it to break.

Just as with poor installation, poorly made windows are sure to break given the circumstances. Weaker glass is prone to breaking and may not be able to take the harsher temperatures or wind pressure.

Blunt Impact

Blunt impact is definitely a cause for window breaking, no matter the structure it is attached to. While high-rise windows are naturally thicker than regular windows, strong impacts can still cause cracks in the glass. Rogue balls, animals, or ricocheting rocks are immediate causes for concern of high-rise buildings, as these can have the necessary force to crack your glass.

While scratches are annoying, these are safer than cracks. A crack causes the structural integrity of the whole glass to weaken, so these should be replaced immediately upon notice.

Weather and Climate

As stated, your windows protect the interior of your high-rise building. Over time, the elements will wear it out, eventually running the durability and service life of your windows to its max. Temperature fluctuations can also speed the service life of your windows, so watch out for cracks during tumultuous weather. If your area is the type to have hail, then utmost maintenance and protective measures should be applied in order to assure no breakages occur.

Your Window’s Service Lifespan

Regardless of the constant perfect weather or the intense maintenance you have it undergo, your high-rise window will eventually wear down. Naturally, different materials and suppliers have different recommended service lives, so pick your choice wisely when choosing a high-rise window installation service. Once the signs of age show—be it through sudden cracking or permanent stains—then contact a high-rise glass replacement service immediately.


Your high-rise building’s windows should be constantly maintained and monitored. Leaving cracks and scrapes for prolonged periods of time will threaten the integrity of the window, eventually causing it to shatter entirely. When that happens, the damage won’t only be much bigger, it can also potentially harm the people around that particular area.

To ensure the best results for your window repairs, hiring a company with the strictest safety measures is always a requirement.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable high-rise window repair service in Australia, then we are your best bet. Contact us today, and see what services we can provide for you.

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