Oktopus Rope Access GearWith many years of experience working independently, Mitchell Haskard and Andy Gennings formed Apex Facades Pty Ltd just over 2 years ago.

Working at heights, often with limited access and working with ropes, Apex Facades has unrivalled industry skills and experience, specialising in the installation of new glazing systems, general maintenance on high rise buildings and complex rectification works. Typical clients include project developers, construction companies and glazing contractors and Apex Facades are also contracted to undertake regular maintenance works for commercial investment management groups.

To meet demand, Apex Facades operates dual Oktopus systems. ‘In the past 12 months we’ve purchased two Oktopus Vacumn lifters (sucker machines) – one in Sydney (300kg vertical/400kg horizontal), the other in Brisbane (400kg/600kg/800kg),” says Mitchell. ‘The Oktopus system is simple to operate, light and compact – a critical consideration in working at heights and abseiling, given our reliance on agility and maneuverability.’ Weight is calculated precisely with every job. ‘Every gram must be calculated when we’re on the ropes, including the weight of the glazing and installation systems,’ says Andy.

The dual-system on Oktopus machines is also an important safety feature for us. We’ve found the Oktopus machinery to be indispensable; we’d never look elsewhere.’ The after sales service provided by Oktopus is peerless. ‘Servicing and ongoing maintenance of Oktopus machinery is scheduled and thorough,’ Andy says. ‘We particularly enjoy dealing with Shevy, who’s always reliable and extremely professional. Both Oktopus machines have run flawlessly, as a valued supplier, they have our absolute confidence.’


This article was originally published by our friends at Oktopus Australia 

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