Windows are a crucial aspect of completing any building’s structure. It is also prevalent, making up most of some large structures since it allows plenty of natural light into the building. However, if it becomes damaged, not only does it ruin the structure’s aesthetics, but it also compromises the security of the property, not to mention the quality of living there as well. 

Because of this, it is essential to know what to do in the case of a damaged window. This will help you determine the cause of any damage your windows are experiencing and how some can force you to have the window repaired.

In this article, we will share with you the three most common causes of damaged windows.



Aging affects everything, including your property’s windows. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop your windows from getting damaged because of aging. Even if your windows were never hit by anything, the expansion and contraction of the building over the years put stress onto it, eventually causing it to get damaged.

If you find that your windows are cracking due to age, it is very likely that every component that makes up the window has also deteriorated. In such instances, if you have your windows repaired, then you should have every part inspected and fixed as well.



It is important to note that some glass is made to withstand a certain amount of impact. For example, tempered glass is much stronger when compared to standard glass. Some glass is even built to be bullet-resistant! However, no matter what glass you have installed on your structure, with enough force, any glass will eventually break.

Some impacts are caused by human hands, whether it’s an accident or due to vandalism. However, other impacts are caused by natural elements. For example, hailstones can cause severe damage to windows and many other things. Even animals and birds can cause the windows to shatter by running, jumping, or flying into them, thinking that nothing’s there.



Know that windows can crack due to the changing weather and climate of your location. While they’re built to act as a defence against the heat, cold, snow, rain, and wind, the stresses these windowpanes go through due to the changing temperatures can cause the glass to break over time.  

The biggest concern, however, when it comes to climate is humidity levels—both inside and outside the structure. This is because enough humidity will not only cause the windowpane to fail but the entire window itself. In other words, moisture is one of the biggest enemies of windows.


Final Words

Windows play a vital role in any structure that they’re installed in, ensuring that plenty of light enters the property while keeping the outside elements from entering and provide security. However, window replacement is still an essential process because no matter how well these windows are cared for, they’re going to deteriorate over time from a variety of causes. 

From climate changes to aging, the window will eventually succumb to damage. When that happens, you must get the window replaced immediately to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. 

Do you need your glass replaced? Do you want to inspect your window installation to ensure that it is done right? We can do that for you! Visit our website and find out how we can help your needs today!

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