Have you ever considered what’s involved in high-rise glass replacement? Working at heights always adds extra demands and high-rise glazing specialists require another level of precision, expertise and problem-solving abilities. 

Apex Facades offers a diverse range of high-rise glazing services, from minor repairs to handling projects that redefine the skyline and elevate architectural elegance in high-rise construction in Australia. We understand the critical importance of safety in every facet of our high rise window replacement, ensuring not just flawless project management but also peace of mind for our clients, tenants, and the entire community. 

What sets our services apart from the rest? 

We’re adaptable: Our experience extends from minor repairs to some of Australia’s largest glass panels. We have on-site teams with extensive experience in curtain wall installations, combining manpower with specialised lifting equipment such as hoists, glass lifters and cranes. 

Our trade-qualified glaziers and high-quality materials: Not only do Apex Facade’s glaziers have years of experience, but they are rigorously trained to Australian standards. Our glaziers only use the highest quality materials, and leverage strong partnerships with Australian glass suppliers to deliver high-quality high-rise glass replacement services. 

As qualified professionals, our glaziers are skilled tradesmen, allowing us to execute safe and effective glass installations at varying heights, always abiding by industry standards and regulations. 

We use innovative rope access techniques: Whenever Apex Facades embarks on a glass installation project, we always aim for minimal disruption, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients, as well as anyone in the surrounding area. Our cutting-edge rope access techniques enable us to execute our glass replacement projects with ease, eliminating the need for road closures or invasive cranes. 

For high-rise glass replacement, our rope access techniques feature rigs, pulleys and vacuum lifting equipment that utilise the latest in industry innovations and allow us to install or repair glass with precision and safety at the forefront at all times. 

We value sustainability: Thanks to innovative rope access techniques, our glazing operations generally leave minimal impact on the surrounding environment. This means less disruption to your business and those in the surrounding area.

We take a collaborative approach to building upgrades: Apex Facades has been privileged to work on a variety of extraordinary projects across Australia and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Our team understands the value of a collaborative approach to modify buildings and undertake upgrades, working with asset managers and owners to conceptualise and execute complex projects to improve the aesthetics and increase the value of your building. 

Past glass-replacement projects:


60 Martin Place, Sydney – Glass Cladding and facade feature installation

Apex Facades was engaged to address glass replacement needs for this striking commercial high-rise in Sydney. The building’s design included expansive overhung sections, which created numerous access challenges for our rope access technicians. Our team successfully completed the rectification works, ensuring a timely handover to the client.

Constitution Place, Canberra – Glass and facade feature installation

Because of construction delays, Apex Facades was enlisted to finish over 200 glass replacements and install facade features. With limited space and heavy foot traffic on-site, cranes were impractical for most of the building. Our specialised technicians successfully completed all work on time, primarily using rope access hauling methods.

Emporium Hotel, Southbank Brisbane – Heli-lift glass installation

Apex Facades showcased our expertise in high-rise glazing with a daring helicopter lift of a 500kg glass panel over Brisbane’s CBD. Facing challenges with traditional methods due to the glass’s size and the rooftop bar’s inaccessible location, we proposed a helicopter lift as the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Eight months of planning, including obtaining necessary permits and ensuring COVID-19 compliance, led to a successful execution. With a floor crane, the glass was installed efficiently after landing on the hotel roof, marking a remarkable achievement in high-rise glazing. View the video to see our team in action!

Apex Facades – the leaders in high-rise glazing

For high-rise window replacement, Apex Facades is the number one choice, offering a blend of expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether you’re contemplating the replacement of ageing high-rise windows or the installation of a lavish architectural curtain wall, Apex Facades brings to life your vision with unparalleled experience and capabilities.

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