With quite a few rope access companies in Australia, you might be wondering what sets Apex Facades apart from the competition. At Apex Facades, we’re well-known for our ability to tackle complex projects and we’ve become the go-to rope access company for jobs that, at first glance, appear to be impossible. We’re also renowned for our versatility to take on everything from high-rise glazing to assisting helicopter lifts, sky sign installation, cruise ship maintenance and more! 

As award-winning rope access specialists in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, one of the most significant factors that set us apart from our competition is our team of rope access technicians. Not only are they skilled at working at heights, but many are fully-qualified tradesmen.  

Having qualified tradesmen as rope access specialists helps us deliver unmatched quality and expertise in every project we undertake. Their diverse skill sets and in-depth knowledge in various trades, including glazing, carpentry, boiler making, painting, plumbing, electrical, confined space, dogging, rigging, engineering and cladding enable us to provide comprehensive solutions for high-rise glazing and window replacement, facade maintenance, sign removal and installation, and other challenging tasks.

Let’s look at some of the specific advantages of having such skilled tradesmen on our team and explain how it improves the services we provide here at Apex Facades.

Expertise in high-rise glazing and window replacement

When it comes to window replacement and glazing, high-rise buildings demand precision, technical skills and an acute understanding of the glazing grade. By employing qualified glaziers as rope access technicians, Apex Facades ensures that every window replacement and glazing task is executed with the utmost care and expertise. These tradesmen bring years of experience in working with various types of glass and have an eye for detail that guarantees a flawless glazing installation.

As qualified glaziers, they also have the skills in rope access to access your windows safely, even in the most hard-to-reach areas of your building’s facade. This combination of skills ensures a professional and efficient approach to high-rise window glazing. 

Facade maintenance and repairs by professionals

Facade maintenance and repairs are critical not only for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a building but also for ensuring its structural integrity. Apex Facades’ qualified painters, electricians, cladders and engineers, with their in-depth knowledge of various construction trades, can identify and address a wide range of facade issues with precision.

Whether it’s repairing damaged cladding, addressing waterproofing problems, or restoring architectural features, our skilled tradesmen have the expertise to handle it all. Their ability to navigate at heights with ease enables them to access the facade’s most intricate areas, guaranteeing comprehensive and effective maintenance and repairs.

Safe and efficient sign removal and installation

If you’re not professionally trained, sign removal and installation on high-rise buildings can seem like a challenging task. It’s a technical job, but our qualified tradesmen have specialised knowledge and skills in sign installation, ensuring each sign is proficiently mounted, and complying with all safety standards. 

Accessing challenging locations is one of our specialties and whether it’s removing outdated signage or installing new branding elements, Apex Facades’ approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free process.

Experienced problem solvers

Being tradesmen doesn’t only help our rope access technicians onsite. Projects often come with unexpected challenges and having a professional team of tradesmen onboard helps Apex Facades quickly analyse the issue and devise innovative solutions to get the job done on time and within budget. Each tradesman specialises in a specific field and can share their expertise and draw on past knowledge to help us overcome the toughest of obstacles. 

Employing qualified tradesmen as rope access technicians for high-rise glazing and window replacement, facade maintenance, and sign removal and installation gives us a significant advantage. By combining the expertise of specialised tradesmen with the versatility of rope access techniques, we have set a new standard in the industry.

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