Your building is a physical representation of your company. Buildings are growing taller and becoming more valuable as the years go by. However, when you have a poorly maintained building, it says a lot about how you manage your company and may also create issues with your occupants as well. One of the most important types of maintenance work your building needs is facade cleaning.

As a building owner or manager, you are responsible for developing maintenance plans for your building to help it run smoothly. This means you are focusing on the internal elements of your property, as well as the external. Poor maintenance can show neglect and an unattractive image to not only your occupants but to the general public as well.

If you’re starting to see signs of grime build-up and your building doesn’t look as shiny and new, it’s time that you hire experts to clean your facade.

Does your building need facade cleaning? Can I postpone it? Are there different facade trends you should know? In this article, we will answer these questions and give you a better overview of what facade maintenance is.


What does my building’s facade need?

One of the difficulties in managing a building is sometimes, you can’t inspect the whole infrastructure by yourself. This is why it is essential to hire expert building cleaners who also provide maintenance services. Their team will have the right techniques and equipment to thoroughly inspect your building’s facade and make a recommendation of your building’s maintenance requirements.

Often, your building may demand more than just cleaning; some external elements may also need repairs or replacements. Committing to a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your building will help determine the cleaning methods and frequency required for your type of property.


Can I put off facade maintenance?

Ideally, you want to clean and maintain your building’s facade every 1-5 years, depending on your location. In some areas, the weather can be significantly different and air pollution can be more adamant. These factors may require you to have facade maintenance more often.

When you put off having your facade maintained, the stains, grime and dirt will accumulate and form other compounds that may be more difficult to clean out. When this happens, maintenance service rates may increase because it will require more work and equipment to see this task through.

For some buildings with severe stains and dirt, glass replacement may be necessary, which may increase your expenses. You can prevent this from happening by speaking to your cleaning service and increasing the frequency of your facade maintenance.

When you put off facade maintenance, you’re not only going to deal with glass problems. You may have to spend on other repairs and replacements like paint jobs, facade damage, window frame replacements and more.

Are there new trends I should look out for when hiring experts?

One of the first things you’ll think of when someone mentions facade cleaning are the workers hanging on swing stages on the side of the building’s facade. However, this image may be gone for good soon since this industry is developing better ways of maintaining facades.

Another trend that most companies are now doing is replacing their water with pure water or deionised water systems. Deionised water systems are filtered water that removes 99% of contaminants that leave a residue on your facade when draining. This is a great way to lower your building’s facade cleaning frequency.

Additionally, some companies are also using laser scanning technology to create a 3D model of your building. This way, your maintenance crew will properly plan their cleaning techniques, any troublesome areas, and save huge amounts of time for inspections.



As a responsible building manager or owner, you are required to know this necessary information about why you need facade maintenance for your building. When you work with the right company, dealing with facade maintenance won’t feel like a chore, and you’ll always have your building looking shiny and new.

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