How much do you know about rope access inspections? At first glance it may seem to be pretty straight forward, however there’s more to rope access than meets the eye. Not everyone is qualified to conduct a rope access inspection, you need to be highly experienced and skilled at working at heights. 

What are the advantages of rope access inspections? 

While rope access has been used for decades around the world, many people don’t know the huge advantages of this type of building inspection. Some of the main advantages rope access inspections have over other building inspection methods such as scaffolding include: 

Improved access to all areas of your building

At Apex Facades our rope access technicians truly leave no stone unturned when carrying out building inspections. Our rope access systems allow us the flexibility and agility to reach areas of your building that would typically be inaccessible. 

We make high rise inspections look easy and have the ability to adapt to all environments and different shaped facades. We won’t miss a thing during our rope access inspections, ensuring there are no building repairs or maintenance issues that go unnoticed. 

Minimise disruptions

Rope access minimises disruptions to the area around your building during routine building inspections.  A lot of the time people won’t even realise rope access technicians are at work. 

If your high-rise building is in a busy, built-up area, the last thing you want to do is upset your neighbours. Heavy equipment and scaffolding can be disruptive, but with rope access systems we can get in and out quickly and efficiently, with minimal interruption to the surrounding area. 

Greater flexibility

Using heavy machinery and scaffolding for building inspections can be rigid and when changes occur it can prove costly. Rope access systems provide greater flexibility and our technicians can adapt to changes to carry out a variety of tasks. 

The safer option

We know hanging from the side of a high-rise building appears dangerous, but it’s actually an extremely safe option for building inspections

At Apex Facades our rope systems have extraordinary safety records and we have a great safety record while working from heights. Thanks to strict regulations, checks and tests and years of experience, we ensure the safety of each building inspection we provide. 

Our team of rope access technicians are fully trained and have years of experience. Using rope access systems for building inspections lowers the chance of incidents and liability issues that may come with heavy equipment and scaffolding. 

It’s affordable

Rope access inspections are cost effective and have much fewer overhead costs than other building inspection methods. With less setup and manpower, carrying out rope access inspections is the most economical option. 

Better for the planet

Forget about all the oil, petrol and electricity you need when using heavy machinery for high-rise building inspections, rope access is a more environmentally friendly option and requires fewer resources. 

The versatility of rope access

Does your building need repairs or maintenance? Rope access systems can be used for a variety of other applications including: 

How to choose a rope access company

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a company to carry out your next high rise building inspection, including experience, safety records and of course price. 

At Apex Facades we are Australian owned and operated and offer competitive prices for our rope access building inspections. We have many years’ experience accessing difficult areas of multi-level building facades.

Our safety record is second-to-none and we only use the most technologically advanced rope access systems that are regularly (independently) audited. Our specialist high-risk public liability and professional indemnity insurance ensures our clients have peace of mind throughout every project we undertake. 

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