Replacing windows in high-rise buildings requires speciality skills and experience. At Apex Facades, we are a trusted name in the industry and our glaziers are equipped to ensure every step of the process is handled safely and efficiently. 

To help you understand the process and what to expect during high-rise window replacement, we’ve outlined the steps, from the initial consultation to project completion. 

Understanding high-rise window replacement

Unlike window replacement in lower buildings, high-rise window replacement poses more challenges. It requires comprehensive planning, specially designed equipment and skilled professionals who have experience working at heights. 

Our rope access technicians specialise in high-rise window replacement in Australia, offering solutions that ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. When windows are located in difficult-to-reach areas, rope access specialists can successfully replace high-rise windows. Some of the benefits of rope access include:

  • Minimises disruption.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
  • Easier to access tight spaces. 
  • A safe alternative to scaffolding and machinery.

At Apex Facades, we carry out all work to Australian standards using only the highest quality materials supplied by Australian glass suppliers and some overseas manufacturers. Our innovative methods of rope access mean that window replacements can be carried out without interrupting the surrounding area with road closures or large equipment. 

Our team has completed glazing work for many large high-rise buildings, including 900 Ann Street, Brisbane, 61 Clarence Street, Sydney and Quay Quarters in Sydney, where the glass panels ranged from 100kg to 300kg, located in one of the busiest areas of the city. 

High-rise window replacement – the process

Initial assessment and consultation:

The first step after you’ve spoken with our friendly team is to organise an initial consultation. We’ll evaluate the project and determine the scope of the project and what we need to do to replace your high-rise windows. 

The solution: 

Once we have conducted a thorough assessment of your property and the windows which need replacing, we’ll provide a customised solution that meets the needs of your building. We’ll consider the surrounding environment, safety requirements, and compliance with relevant building codes and regulations.  This step may require collaboration with architects, engineers, and building owners to ensure the solution integrates with the building’s aesthetics and functionality. 

Project planning and scheduling: 

Once the solution has been approved and finalised, we move into the project planning and scheduling stage of the process. During this stage, we coordinate the various aspects of the project, obtain any necessary permits, coordinate with building management, schedule access to the building and arrange any necessary logistics of equipment and materials. 

This stage is very important as careful planning helps to minimise any disruptions to the surrounding area and ensure the project is executed seamlessly. 

Safe and efficient project execution:

Safety is critical during any high-rise window replacement project. Apex Facades adheres to stringent safety protocols and standards to ensure the safety of our team, building occupants and the general public. 

Our highly-trained and experienced professionals are well-equipped to work at heights and have a deep understanding of the safety procedures involved in replacing windows in high-rise buildings. Our technicians are compliant and assessed in line with the IRATA international training, assessment and certification scheme (TACS) and are assessed by independent trainers.

During the installation, we use specialised equipment, innovative in design, to ensure precise and efficient installation. Our safety systems are also independently audited to ensure safety and reliability. 

Quality assurance and post-installation support: 

After installation, our experienced team conducts numerous checks and inspections to ensure the windows are properly installed and fitted for optimal performance and longevity. We also offer post-installation support after the completion of the project to ensure you are satisfied with the installation. 

High-rise window replacement with Apex Facades

High-rise window replacement requires expertise, precision and a good understanding of the protocols related to working at heights. When you choose Apex Facades, you’re choosing more than just a high-rise window replacement service. You’re selecting a partner that understands the unique challenges and intricacies of working on high-rise buildings. Our team of experts has the experience and skills necessary to tackle even the most complex projects, providing you with peace of mind throughout the project. 

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