Facade maintenance is essential to keep water out of your property to ensure that its structural integrity doesn’t get compromised. If water does make its way into the critical parts of the building, it could lead to damage that can cost far more than the recommended maintenance and upkeep. From extensive repairs to an uncomfortable living space, water and property do not mix well.

That said, there are many ways you can go about waterproofing your structure. For many people out there, though, waterproof coatings (also known as weatherproof coatings) are their go-to solution to keep their property water-free.


Waterproof Coatings

The waterproof coating is a waterproof substance that covers the entire exterior of a building. Waterproof coatings also come in many types. For example, while you might find some in liquid form so you can paint it or spray it on a surface, others are more like sheets you apply onto the masonry. 

That said, while these do a great job at keeping water away from your property, it’ll only do so if done correctly. If installed improperly, waterproof coatings can put your building in even more harm than without it.


The Risks of Waterproof Coatings

If waterproof coatings are not applied correctly, any water that manages to find its way into the building won’t be able to escape. While it sits there, cold and hot weather can cause the water to expand and shrink, slowly but surely damaging the integrity of the property. 

Another way an improper application can damage the wall is that the water inside the structure will absorb the minerals that are present in its surroundings. While it might not damage the building this way, it is going to ruin the aesthetics of the building. However, this mess might just be hidden away under the coating.

This means that if you want to waterproof the foundations of the building, correctly applying it is of utmost importance. Failure to do so can cause severe damage.


Addressing These Issues

The best way to address these issues is to apply the coating properly in the first place. This means that you should hire professionals with years of experience to carry out the coating job. 

When you hire a contractor to do the job, ensure that they’re certified and licensed to coat your building with waterproofing substances. Also, it is best to hire a contractor that has plenty of experience working with a special coating, as they’ll know how to apply it to the exterior (or interior in some cases) of the building effectively.



While the waterproof coating is essential to keep water out of your structure, it is vital to have it applied correctly. Failure to do so will only put the property in harm’s way, and even more so compared to a structure that isn’t treated with the coating. That said, only work with professionals when it comes to sealing your building with the coat. That way, you’ll be at peace knowing that your property is safe from any water damage and that your wallet is free from any surprise costs.

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