Does your business require working in hard-to-reach places? If that’s the case, then you might need a reliable rope access system. A rope access service for your business will make things more efficient, as you don’t won’t need any scaffolding or cradles, and your workers can quickly descend and ascend the ropes while working. Read on to learn more about rope access systems for your business!

Why Consider a Rope Access Service?

A rope access system works through the use of two ropes: a safety rope and a working line. Moreover, it uses a support system that eliminates the chance of failure, making it safe to use as well. Other benefits of a rope access system include:


Rope access is economical. For one, your workers can get things done faster instead of relying on traditional climbing methods. With this system, your business will experience minimal downtime, boosting your productivity.


You can use rope access in various environments, which means that there are a lot of uses for it. Even when you’ve completed the main project you’ve hired the rope access service for, you can still use it for other things such as banner installation, window cleaning, and the like.

Fast and Efficient

Rope access systems are easy to build and easy to dismantle. As such, you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing either, cutting down time spent on non-essential tasks considerably. You can have it ready in no time and have your workers on the job ASAP.


When using a rope access system on an occupied building, it will cause little to no distraction at all. You don’t have to worry about it getting in the way, as it’s likely that the system will make working a seamless process.

Where Can You Use a Rope Access System?

Boilers – with a rope access system, you no longer need scaffolding to inspect your boiler. A rope will allow your workers to get to different levels of the boiler and provide accurate inspections.
Building maintenance & installations – if you need new window decals for your building, or you need new signs up, then a rope access system is an efficient way to get them up there quickly and efficiently.
Pipework – technicians will be able to get the job done faster with a rope access service.
High rise signage – a rope access system is the best way to install signage in high areas of an establishment.


A lot of businesses today can benefit greatly from a rope access service. Building maintenance is usually the primary reason why business owners need workers to reach higher places, and with a rope access service, it eliminates conventional methods to get the work done. Thus, a business owner will be able to save more money and get the job done faster.

If you want to save on costs when conducting building maintenance and other types of work that require scaling heights, then a rope access system might be a viable option.

At Apex Facades, we offer a reliable rope access service across the entire East Coast of Australia. Our specially trained riggers and rope access technicians make any job possible. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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