FACT: Pianos are not easy to move since they’re big, heavy and cumbersome.

Even the smallest grand piano can weigh hundreds of kilograms. This makes it seem impossible to move one safely and efficiently, especially on high-rise units.

Of course, nothing is impossible. There is no shortage of grand piano’s placed elegantly in high-end penthouses throughout architectural magazines and Hollywood films. But how do you navigate an apartment building with a massive piano in tow?


Determine how much help you’ll need to get

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll need more than just your two hands to carry a grand piano. You will need at least four people – maybe more, depending on the size of the piano and the complexity of the move.


Designate positions

To take the piano off the truck, the people helping you should be in certain positions to move it correctly. Because the weight is not proportional, the lighter parts of the piano, which is the area where the keyboard is located, will wobble when not supported. Typically, you’ll need a person on each corner, especially for the heavier pianos.


Use a piano dolly

While grand pianos have casters or wheels, it is better to use a piano dolly to prevent damaging its legs on your floors. Piano dollies will support the weight of the instrument when moving it, making it safer and easier than moving the piano on its own.

However, to place it on the dolly, it will be necessary to unequip some parts of the piano. This includes, but is not limited to, the legs, the lyre, and the music rack.

Also, you will need to centre the weight of the piano on the dolly since piano’s have uneven weight distribution.


Reassemble the piano and set it in place

With the piano still on the dolly, re-attach the parts you disassembled beforehand. Place padding on the area where you’ll place your piano—this can come in the form of a rug or carpet. This will protect your piano and your unit’s floors from getting any scratches. Place the legs, the lyre, the music rack, and any other parts you removed back into place, and voila—you’re done!


Hire rope access technicians to move the piano into your unit

How about taking the easy route? Skip all the above steps altogether. Rope access professionals can safely hoist massive weights once the sole domain of expensive cranes. Specialised rope equipment is set up to carry your piano into your place in a non-intrusive and cost-effective way.

Apex Facades rope access technicians are trade qualified so can even safely remove windows to allow your piano access.

Certified rope access technicians are fully insured and are fast becoming the preferred method for hoisting difficult loads.



Moving a grand piano to a high rise floor will require preparation and strategy. It should be noted that before you move the instrument, you need to decide where you’ll place the piano in the apartment before committing to the process. Once your helpers have left, consider your piano permanently affixed to the area you chose to set it on.

Getting rope access services for this task is almost a requirement if you live in a high-rise building, otherwise, the task may well be impossible. 

We are the high access professionals. We specialise in rope access and high rise glazing, keeping it safe and efficient. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.



Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

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