High-rise building windows are subject to more extreme weather conditions than windows in lower level buildings. Although windows in high-rise buildings are built stronger, they are still susceptible to damage caused by strong winds, birds, water and other debris.

Panels of glass on high-rise buildings don’t only serve as protection against the elements, they also need to be aesthetically pleasing. Ongoing window maintenance is essential to ensure both the safety and the presentation of your building.

Window replacement – high rise buildings

Windows in high rise buildings are much different from your everyday windows. The glass has to be stronger and withstand more extreme conditions. They need to be tough enough to allow people to lean against them without breaking and withstand strong winds. These windows are often made from two panes of glass, thicker than normal and with a void in between.

Window replacement in high-rise buildings is a little more complicated than your average window. Special considerations need to be made to ensure the safety of those in the building and surrounding areas. Windows are the first layer of protection from the elements, so property owners need to be vigilant and invest in high quality window replacement to ensure the job is done right.

Why high-rise windows need replacing

There are many different reasons why high-rise windows may need to be replaced.

  • Increase in street noise.
  • Seals are broken – windows are letting in water.
  • Letting in cold or warm air.
  • Frames are water damaged – warped or visibly broken.
  • Damage from extreme weather.
  • Damage from birds – cracks or chips affecting the structural integrity of the window.

What to consider – high rise window replacement

There are a few important considerations when replacing windows in high-rise buildings.

Choose a suitable high-rise window:

It’s important to choose the right window for your needs. There are several types of windows that are typically used in high-rise buildings and you need to consider which is suitable.

The most common window materials for high risers are heat-strengthened glass and laminated tempered glass. How strong you need the glass will depend on your individual building and your city’s building codes and regulations.

You will also need to consider how the windows look. To maintain the visual appearance of your building it’s vital to choose windows that match your existing ones.

How to replace high-rise windows

When replacing high-rise windows it’s important to find the best method of replacement. Due to the height and varying accessibility, replacement can be more difficult than your average window and is a more complex operation.

Your main priorities should be safety and effectiveness. You will need to consult with a professional high-rise glazier to ensure the right steps are taken to keep everyone involved safe. The job will need to be planned down to the finest detail to make sure the job is done right and as safely as possible.

Identify what caused the damage

Once you have consulted a professional they will identify what caused the window damage.

The most common causes are natural wear and tear from weather conditions or impact from debris. Your windows may also be reaching their life expectancy, which means they are ready to be replaced.

You will need to restrict access to the affected area in order to mitigate any further risk with the damaged window until it can be replaced.


When replacing windows in difficult to access areas you may not be able to use a crane and rope access is the best option. Professional rope access specialists will be able to navigate difficult to reach areas of your facade. The main considerations for replacing windows in hard to reach areas include:

How to minimise disruption – In many cases heavy machinery isn’t an option, so rope access systems offer a less obstructive and cheaper alternative.

How to reduce environmental impact Reduce your environmental impact with rope access, no petrol, oil or electricity is required.

How to access extremely tight spaces – Some areas of a building’s facade may be extremely hard to access. Rope access gives our technicians the ability to glide around the building with ease in even the tightest of spaces. Rope systems are lightweight and versatile, allowing us to reach areas you’d never believe we could access.

How to choose a safer alternative – When it comes to window replacement in high-rise buildings, safety is paramount to avoid accidents and liability. When undertaken by professionals, rope access is very safe. At Apex Facades our rope systems undergo rigorous safety checks and our technicians are highly trained.

Professional high-rise window replacement

If you have windows that need to be replaced in your high-rise building, it’s essential that you engage the services of a professional team of glaziers. To get the maximum lifespan and ensure you’re investing in quality windows you should only work with trusted and reliable rope access specialists.

At Apex Facades we are the rope access and rigging specialists and undertake glazing, construction and window maintenance across Australia. Our expert, trade-qualified technicians are highly trained and we have extensive experience with high-risk, large commercial projects.

We have specialist high risk public liability and professional indemnity insurance for every project we complete.

If you have high-rise windows that need to be replaced and it seems impossible, contact us today to see how Apex Facades can help, or take a look at some of our previous projects.

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