High-rise facade maintenance is just one of the many services we offer at Apex Facades. High-rise facades take a beating from weather, pollution, and wear over time and regular maintenance is essential. Our experienced team is trade qualified and well-equipped to restore and maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of high-rise buildings, ensuring they last for years to come.

Facade maintenance is crucial for high-rise buildings, and it goes far beyond just cleaning. Comprehensive facade maintenance includes: 


Facade inspections

Thorough inspections help to identify issues before they become more serious problems and are an essential part of facade maintenance. At Apex Facades, we’re backed by independent engineers and provide detailed high-rise audits, focusing on your building’s facade. We will formulate repair strategies to prevent deterioration and safety concerns. Using our rope access techniques, we can ensure there’s minimal disturbance to your building and the surrounding area while we’re doing the inspection. 


Water leak testing, detection and repairs (Thermal imaging)

Another aspect of facade maintenance is checking for water leaks. Water leaks can cause major damage to buildings and can be extremely expensive if they are not addressed early. Proper sealing is essential to keep your building dry. Apex Facades’s thermal imaging finds moisture ingress points for repair. We water test facades and ensure all our repairs meet industry standards and prevent future leaks. 


Non-destructive concrete testing and repairs

From inspecting, mapping and documenting damaged concrete or rebar to non-destructive structural analysis, the team at Apex Facades can develop solutions with our engineers to solve any concrete damage/deterioration appropriately.


Pressure cleaning and external facade cleaning

Pressure cleaning improves the look of your building and it will help to extend the service life of essential components such as glass, aluminium, concrete and painted services. Apex facades offer high-rise pressure cleaning services that’s conducted under strict safety standards. Minimising facade deterioration through pressure cleaning is the first step in a comprehensive maintenance strategy. 


High-rise painting services

High-rise facade maintenance may also include painting your building, especially if your building hasn’t had a paint job for more than 10 years. It preserves your building’s facade and prevents deterioration. At Apex Facades, we’ve carried out a wide range of painting projects and our trade-qualified professionals have painted everything from stadium scoreboards to entire buildings. 


Facade audits, engineering inspection reports and UAV drone services

Apex Facades offers drone inspections as part of our facade maintenance services. While our rope access techniques are unbelievably noninvasive, if you need something even less disruptive we offer UAV drone building inspections. By utilising drones in safe and controlled environments we can inspect every nook and crevice of your building’s facade. Drones are programmable, which means we can map your building for quick routine inspections and document the progression of any ongoing issues.


Why choose Apex Facades for your upcoming facade cleaning needs? 

With the most innovative equipment, high-quality products and an expert team of trade-qualified professionals, we’re the best choice for facade maintenance. Our technicians are highly skilled, follow strict processes, and prioritise safety standards above all else – essential when working on high-rise buildings. 

When it comes to high-rise building cleaning, we are the go-to experts, ensuring a spotless facade, even in the most challenging areas. Apex Facades specialises in facade cleaning across Australia, and we’re equipped to handle projects of any size. 

When you partner with Apex Facades, you can expect:

  • Adherence to safe work practices.
  • Efficient and on-time project completion. 
  • High-quality results.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Highly-skilled trade-qualified professionals. 

Our rope access techniques are a safe and efficient method for facade cleaning, offering minimal disruptions and easier access to even the most hard-to-reach areas. It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and secure compared to some other cleaning methods.

If you’re seeking exceptional customer service and a team of seasoned professionals to clean your facade, don’t hesitate to reach out to Apex Facades today to get a free quote.

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