When driving past high rises have you ever noticed the guys hanging from the side of the building and wondered what they are doing up there? 

You may have assumed they were window cleaners, but abseiling services/rope access services can be used for many different applications. 

At Apex Facades our experienced rope access specialists are skilled in many areas to help you look after the exterior of your high rise building. Some of the most common ways you can use abseiling services are: 

High rise glazing and window replacement 

Abseiling services can also be used for high rise glazing and window replacement. The scope of work is limitless, from small glass repairs to moving and installing large panels of glass. 

The team at Apex Facades can also be available onsite for curtain wall installation in areas such as mast climber personnel hoists and crane tethers. Our highly qualified glaziers are experienced window and curtain wall installers and go above and beyond to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

We carry out all work to Australian standards using only the highest quality materials supplied by Australian glass suppliers and some overseas manufacturers. Our innovative methods of rope access mean that window replacements can be carried out without interrupting the surrounding area with road closures or large equipment. 

Emergency maintenance repairs 

You just never know when you’ll encounter a problem with the facade of your high-rise building. Abseiling services can help you access hard to reach areas of your building and carry out emergency repairs

Glass is often the first to be damaged in natural disasters or criminal incidents and sometimes it’s not feasible to wait. At Apex we offer 24/7 emergency repairs  and are experienced in not only rapid glass board ups and replacements, but all forms of emergency make safe works in residential commercial and industrial properties. 


One of the most common issues high rise building owners and managers face is to do with weatherproofing and sealing. Poorly skilled contractors and band aid fixes often result in building leaks. 

Rope access services can help weatherproof the facade of your high rise building. At Apex we have a long history with glass, glazing and aluminium and our experienced technicians have resolved hundreds of leak issues. 

We only use the latest techniques, methods and materials for weatherproofing and are at the forefront of the movement away from vinyl glazing wedge and rubber to the newer longer-lasting methods of structural sealing. 

We provide joint sealing services in areas that are hard to access without abseiling equipment. We offer complete structural sealing and concrete expansion joint sealing that leaves a professional finish that will last for years to come. 


Abseiling services can be used for lifting signs, glass, steel and other heavy items, even as heavy as a grand piano! 

At Apex Facades we have a team of specialty riggers and rope access technicians who have the knowledge and the experience to come up with innovative techniques to meet the most difficult lifting challenges. 

Rope access can also be used closer to the ground and is handy when you’re working with confined space entry, ranging from ventilation shaft fire sealing through to stand by rescue services. 

Sign installation and removal/demolition

Our specialty rigging services can assist with a variety of signage applications. At Apex Facades we offer complete signage services which include design, manufacture, supply and installation of sky signs, banners, custom LED screens/signs and more. 

Rope access is a safe choice for sign installation, providing a low impact and affordable option compared to other methods such as EWP and crane hire. 

Our team is constantly undergoing training and development to ensure we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to safety compliance. This means after only a simple site inspection we can go ahead and develop a comprehensive plan to complete your project safely and efficiently.  

We have many years experience in external facade works and glazing, specifically with aluminium composite paneling such as Alucobond and Alpolic. We also offer custom aluminium fabrication to cover the need for remedial work and new installations alike. 

Need to remove a whole sign? No worries, using abseiling services you can remove whole structures or building facades. 

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