We are an Australian rope access company that specialises in accessing difficult to reach areas of your facade. As part of our services we carry out high rise glazing and window replacement and facade maintenance and repairs. 

With years of experience in the industry, the Apex Facades Australia team knows everything there is to know about high rise glass, including when it needs to be replaced. 

Here are 5 signs your high rise glass needs to be replaced. 

It isn’t energy efficient

Improving the energy efficiency of your building by using the right type of glass is often overlooked, but it can make a huge difference to the energy efficiency of your building. 

Normal, single-pane glass isn’t very energy efficient as it doesn’t help maintain the temperature inside your building and requires more temperature regulation via air-conditioning units. This can contribute to a higher electricity bill. 

For better energy efficiency we recommend multi-glazed or laminated glass. This type of glass is insulating, making it cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter. 

It hasn’t been replaced in a long time 

When was the last time the glass was replaced in your building? Like most products, glass has a lifespan and does need replacing after a period of time. An inspection by a professional glazier will be able to determine if your glass is due for replacement. 

Another factor to consider is whether the glass is compliant and meets Australian standards, which as a building owner/manager is your legal responsibility. Liability falls on you if there are any accidents or incidents due to glass that doesn’t meet regulations.

Condensation on glass

Condensation building up between the layers of glass is a sign that the seals on your windows are damaged. This means the glass needs to be replaced. 

It’s noisy 

Do you find it especially noisy in your building? It could be because you have single-pane glass that isn’t sound resistant.

Multi-glazed and laminated glass reduces sound and blocks out more noise than single-pane glass, improving the atmosphere and limiting distractions inside your building. 

Visible damage

One of the most obvious signs glass needs to be replaced is if you notice visible damage. Cracked glass can lead to further damage and is a sign that the glass needs to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent more problems or even injury.

Apex Facades – The glass and glazing specialists

Whether it’s a small glass repair, glass facade replacement or replacing large panels of glass, Apex Facades has you covered. We provide on-site teams for curtain wall installation and provide specialist lifting equipment to replace glass at heights. 

We have a team of qualified glaziers who have years of experience and all the knowledge and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. All work is completed to Australian standards and we work with a range of Australian glass suppliers to ensure we’re using the best products available. 

Rope access gives us access to the most hard to reach areas of building’s facades and eliminates the need for road closures and heavy equipment. We carry out glass installation with minimum disruption to the surrounding area. 

For more information on our high-rise glass replacement services, get a quote online or call (02) 2111 7202.

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