Rope access is a professional technique used to access hard-to-reach areas on high rise buildings. It involves using ropes, harnesses and other specialised equipment to safely undertake work at heights. Apex Facades carries out facade maintenance and repairs, high-rise glazing and window replacement, building inspections, weatherproofing and sign removal and installation using rope access. 

Despite its increasing popularity, many people still have questions about rope access and how it works. Here are answers to the most common questions about this versatile and efficient technique. 


Is rope access safe? 


This is probably the most commonly asked question about rope access. When you see a team hanging off the side of a building, it’s normal to wonder if it’s a safe practice.

The answer is yes. Rope access is considered to be very safe with the right people and the proper safety equipment. Rope access technicians are trained professionals and follow strict industry guidelines and regulations. They undergo extensive training before they can work at heights. 

The Apex Facade team is compliant and assessed in line with IRATA International Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS) and is assessed by independent trainers. 

We follow strict rope access protocols and procedures, ensuring every project is carried out safely. We have independently audited safety systems, and our team complies with all relevant OH & S policies. We are also fully insured with specialist high-risk public liability and professional indemnity insurance for extra peace of mind. 


What is rope access used for? 


Rope access is an excellent alternative to other access methods, such as scaffolding. It enables us to access difficult-to-reach areas of your building, causing minimum disruption to the surrounding areas. Apex Facades provides rope access Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout the East Coast.

Some of the most common services we provide using rope access include: 


What equipment is used for rope access projects? 


The Apex Facade team uses a variety of specialised equipment to ensure our work is carried out safely and efficiently. We use ropes, harnesses, ascenders, descenders, carabiners, chairs, helmets and loops. 

This equipment is specifically designed for rope access and independently audited to ensure safety. Our rope access technicians also inspect their equipment before each use to ensure it functions correctly. 


Does it take a long time to set up rope access for a project? 


The time it takes to set up our rope access equipment will vary depending on the project. Setting up rope access equipment is quicker than alternatives such as scaffolding, so it is a more efficient option.

Once at your site, our technicians will set up as quickly as possible, ensuring to minimise any disruption to businesses or homes in the surrounding area. They will take their time to ensure the systems are set up correctly, following all industry regulations. 


Is rope access an affordable option? 


Rope access is affordable compared to other methods of accessing hard-to-reach areas of your building’s facade. Rope access has fewer overhead costs, no heavy equipment and requires less manpower to set up. It’s the more economical option. 

Rope access is a safe and flexible way to access your building’s facade. Apex Facades has a professional and highly trained team of rope access specialists who use the most innovative equipment and techniques to get the job done. It’s a cost-effective and versatile option for facade maintenance, high-rise window repairs and various other services. 

If you have any other questions please contact us; we will be more than happy to help. 

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