Buildings are subjected to all types of weather conditions, and as such they can accumulate all sorts of soot, grime, and dust. Without adequate facade cleaning, natural wear and tear can quickly develop into accelerated deterioration. Before you know it, a previously small issue can grow into more significant damage requiring more expensive repairs.

Certain areas of your building facade will develop more issues than others. For this reason, it’s essential to prioritise specific components to make the most of a facade cleaning operation.

Here are four areas to prioritise when doing facade maintenance and repairs:


Building windows

While glass manufacturing has made leaps and bounds over the years, it is still the weakest part of your building. As your building gets older, your glass windows can develop small cracks and scratches due to wear and tear. If not addressed immediately, these fixtures can eventually break or shatter, endangering those who either inhabit or visit the premises.

Depending on your building design, window replacement can involve hoisting workers with specialised rigging methods. For this reason, it’s best to leave window replacement to professional facade cleaning companies.


Wall and masonry cracks

Wall and Masonry cracks on buildings are not uncommon. Like any maintenance issue, if left unattended these cracks will grow bigger, become more unsightly, and potentially more dangerous over time.

Hairline and stress cracks should be quickly addressed, not only to rectify the unsightly look but to avoid further damage. Cracks wider than a centimeter can be severe and should be seen by professional engineers to ascertain whether they’ve affected the structural integrity of the building.

Regardless of the type of cracks that are appearing on your building, it’s best to address them as soon as possible to save you time and money in the long run.

Building Facade has cracks appearing

Lightbox logo

Your lightbox logo is the most direct representation of your brand that’s easily noticed from afar. Without proper maintenance, your lightbox logo will begin to accumulate dirt, moss, and grime. During the daylight, the unsightly dirt will negatively impact perception. The same dirt, moss, and grime will dim the light emanating from your logo in the evenings.

To keep the lightbox logo well-lit, noticeable, and dignified, it should be maintained adequately through regular facade cleaning operations.



Your rooftop is the ideal location for all sorts of contaminants to accumulate and cause damage. Dirt and grime, bird and pest droppings, and undrained moisture during rainy weather will encourage mould growth. Weeds and other plant life spread through airborne spores are even known to grow at such heights.

Besides being unsightly, mould and weed growth can negatively impact the structural integrity of your rooftop. Fortunately, facade cleaners armed with pressure washers can efficiently address such growth and infestation issues.

Remember, the earlier you begin cleaning your facade, the easier the cleaning process will be.

Building roofs can often cause leaks


Facade cleaning is crucial to maintain both the aesthetic and structural integrity of a building. Regular facade cleaning will extend a building’s longevity and pay for itself in terms of savings by doing away with extensive repairs. When done early enough, such procedures can even help you spot small issues before they progress and cause more problems!

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