When it comes to signage, high-rise buildings provide the perfect canvas. The right sky sign can take your branding to the next level and give your business continued exposure, day and night. As you can imagine, installing signs on high rise buildings isn’t always easy, but as the rope access specialists, Apex Facades can install your sky sign with minimal impact and at an affordable price. Still contemplating whether you should install a sky sign? Here are 5 reasons why sky signs are beneficial.

Great exposure

There’s no doubt about it, sky signs are a great way to gain exposure and make your building look more professional. In a sea of high rise buildings a sky sign can help you stand out from the rest, especially at night.

Sky signs can be seen from a great distance, making them a fantastic way to advertise your business, gain powerful visibility and help visitors locate your building.

Be as unique as you want

As long as it abides by all local government regulations, you can be as creative as you want with your sky sign. Making your sign stand out from the crowd and as unique as your brand will help your business gain extra exposure. At Apex Facades we offer a complete signage service, from design to manufacture, supply and installation. We install banners, custom LED screens/signs and much more.

Build your brand

Everyone knows building a strong brand is key to promoting your business. Your branding is a representation of your product or services and consistent branding tells a story of what you have to offer your customers. Signage is an important part of your branding strategy and will help customers recognize and remember your business. When it’s aligned with the rest of your branding, a sky sign can help build your business identity and ensure your logo or name is one customers remember.

Utilise space

Sky signs are an effective way to utilise space on your building. It gives you the flexibility to go bigger and design a sign without the size restrictions that are often present when installing a sign on the lower parts of a building. We can install signs on most areas of your high rise building, with advanced rigging systems giving us access to areas you may think are impossible to reach.

Cost effective

Unlike other promotion materials, your sky sign will be operational 24/7, giving customers long term exposure to your brand. When you way up sky signs against other types of promotional material, sky signs come out on top! Sky signs are particularly effective in high traffic areas, such as city centres. They are a long-term advertising tool, giving your brand continued exposure, day and night. Unlike other methods of promotion such as print ads and flyers, sky signs will remain highly visible for many years to come.

Sky signs with Apex Facades

We are experts in sky sign installation! At Apex Facades we specialise in all aspects of signage installation and removal. From planning and design, to the installation, we guarantee a professional approach and have the highest safety standards. We believe we are the safest choice and use specialised rigging and lifting methods to ensure we make minimal impact on your building and surrounding areas. Our rope access technicians are qualified professionals who are efficient and compliant with all safety standards.

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