Ensuring high-rise buildings stay in great condition takes strategic planning and a comprehensive building maintenance plan. A well-structured facade maintenance plan not only safeguards the structural integrity of the building but also contributes to its aesthetic longevity. 

In this article we’ll explore what’s involved when we create a building maintenance plan, shedding light on how our comprehensive approach contributes to the safety, longevity, and aesthetic appeal of your valuable assets.

Proactive annual inspections

Proactive annual inspections are at the heart of a successful maintenance plan. At Apex Facades, our inspections are conducted by our experienced professionals and independent facade engineers. By identifying potential concerns in their infancy, we can implement timely interventions, preventing issues from evolving into costly challenges.

Strategic water leak management

Water leaks can be a nightmare for any building owner. A building maintenance plan should include a specialised approach to water leak testing, detection, and repairs. At Apex Facades, we leverage thermal imaging technology, which enables us to identify trapped moisture and ingress points. Our water tests simulate real-world storm conditions, adhering to industry standards to ensure the effectiveness of facade components.

Concrete health and structural integrity

High-rise buildings can be subject to concrete issues. Non-destructive concrete testing and repair strategies involve inspecting, mapping and documenting concrete or rebar. 

At Apex Facades, we collaborate with engineers and create tailored solutions to help mitigate any concrete-related issues that could affect the structural integrity of your building. 

High-rise cleaning services

High-rise buildings require periodic cleaning to keep up their appearance and protect the longevity of the building. High-rise cleaning requires precision, skill and adherence to strict safety regulations. Apex Facades uses the latest equipment and products to carry out high-rise cleaning to the highest standards. 

High-rise painting

Painting is more than just for aesthetic reasons; it helps to protect your building from the elements. At Apex Facades, we offer painting services that comply with Australian standards. 

Our team of trade-qualified professionals can completely repaint your building or just provide much-needed touch-ups to improve your building’s facade. 

Comprehensive audits and UAV drone inspections

As part of a high-rise building facade maintenance plan, facade audits, engineering inspection reports and UAV drone inspections can help identify potential issues before they escalate, offering a proactive approach to maintenance. 

At Apex Facades, we utilise low-impact rope access methods and drone inspections to provide a comprehensive view of your building’s condition. Through strategic mapping and routine inspections, we can document the progress of potential problems over a long period.

A high-rise building maintenance plan gives you a comprehensive strategy that serves to enhance the longevity, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your high-rise buildings. By focusing on proactive annual inspections, strategic water leak management, concrete health, preservation through cleaning, protective painting services, and comprehensive audits, you can ensure you meet unique needs of your building and ensure its ongoing success.

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