Placing your business name on the face of a skyscraper is a sign of success, power, and it is the ultimate status symbol. Many of the world’s most iconic skylines are dotted with instantly recognisable brand names that cement the brand’s presence in a city.

While these towering signs are a sight to behold, just like the structures they are attached to, there is a lot of technical expertise that goes into the planning, preparation, and finally sign installation. If you want to see your business name in lights, you will build and craft the sign as carefully as you do your organization.

Here’s a few important tips you need to know if you want your sky sign to adorn the side of your building.

Hire a professional Signmaker to prepare the design

Sky signs aren’t just oversized letters with giant lightbulbs. They need to be built on a rigid structure that will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. They should be structurally sound so they don’t pose a threat to the integrity of the building or the safety of the people around it. You will also need to determine if you want it lit with static lights, or there will be some sort of pattern or lighting effect involved. All of these require the expertise of a professional facade signmaker. Since not all logos make great building signage, a professional designer will also be able to translate your logo to something that is readable and easily appreciated from a distance.

Secure approval from local government authorities

In addition to making sure it is structurally sound, you need to check the local government’s signage guidelines. Some cities have limits on how large your sky signs can be. Any building signage that will affect a city’s skyline will need to seek approval from the local authorities, so make sure your contractor or signage designer takes the necessary steps to secure their approval before proceeding with fabrication.

Coordinate with building management

Once you have your design prepared and approved, another layer of approval is required from the building’s owner or developer. Signage rights of a building are typically awarded to tenants who occupy a majority of the space or are one of the first occupants to lease or purchase several floors. If you are fortunate enough to have signage rights, then installing a sign to solidify your presence should be seriously considered.

Get an experienced fabricator and installer

Impressive signs should be produced with high-quality materials to ensure that it’s a solid structure that can withstand the changing types of weather conditions it’ll be exposed to 24/7. Make sure you work with an experienced fabricator who can produce and install your signage according to the original design.

Employ service for regular maintenance

Once your name is up on the facade, you will need to take steps to ensure that it is adequately lit every night and that the structure maintains its integrity over time. Poorly maintained signages can reflect negatively on your brand’s image. Once your name is up there, you want to make sure it stays, so keep it brightly lit and well-maintained by hiring a professional and maintenance service.


Having your business’ name in a prominent position on your building is an effective way to establish your brand and to make a physical mark in your area of business. However, just like any branding campaign, you need to take care of its outward appearance since it can reflect poorly on your organisation if it’s not looked after.

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