Ever look at a tall building and think completing any task is impossible? Lifting, hauling, rigging, or doing work of any kind on a building is tough, workers need to implement absolute care and concentration on the job.

Carelessness and safety issues result in an average of two construction worker deaths each day in Australia due to work-related injuries. Construction sites can be fatal for workers without proper equipment.

Using rope access can benefit property owners who need workers to maintain their buildings without having to risk their lives.

Keep reading to learn the key benefits of rope access and why it’s perfect for riggers to complete any job.

1. You Eliminate the Need for Heavy Equipment

Gone are the days you will need workers to rely on heavy equipment, which is often more complex to operate. Rope access systems aren’t as obstructive as general scaffolding products and other heavy equipment.

These heavy items are not only more dangerous, but they also require more manpower and time. This translates to having to hire more workers to get the job done. You may also have to pay more out of pocket due to the extra hours it takes to complete a project.

Heavy objects are often a primary factor in fatal construction-related accidents. Rope access systems minimize the need for disruption by allowing works to move more fluidly with fewer hazards.

2. Perfect to Use in Tight Areas

Spiderman isn’t the only one who can glide around buildings anymore. Having rope access will allow riggers to move in and out without issues even in the tightest of spaces. Using large or heavy equipment would make just about any construction job hard, if not impossible.

Rope access systems are lightweight yet secure enough to go in spots that didn’t seem possible before. This makes them versatile. Riggers can work in between tight buildings or adjacent structures that require attention.

Rope access systems can also help riggers reach areas with tight angles. You will no longer have to miss a spot because the equipment cannot fit for a worker to do their job.

You will fall in love with rope access benefits once you see that workers can enter internal locations. For example, riggers can reach unconventional areas like chimneys, domed roofing, ducting, and smokestacks.

If your building has such structures, they all require maintenance at some point.

3. It’s Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

The primary benefit of rope access for building owners is the lower overhead costs. Rope access services have fewer fees compared to the use of other equipment, and they’re economical.

These ropes leave a minimal footprint on the environment. Workers do not have to need to use oil, petrol, or electricity to do their work. That itself saves money because you require fewer resources and it increases safety.

Rope access systems allow fewer workers to complete a single task and in less time.

At first sight rope access systems appear to be at a disadvantage when you look at bulkier alternatives. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Opting for rope access will result in less downtime and increased production. The money you would have used can go towards other fees.

4. Rope Access is Safe

Rope access is safe. Still, not all rope access systems are alike. You need to ensure both the brand and company you hire are reputable. Quality ropes have exceptional safety records.

Rope access systems that pass these tests undergo rigorous safety tests. They are also perfect for rescue plans and the use of dropped object controls.

Keeping as safe an environment as possible can lower problems with incidents and liability. This way, you can decrease issues with worker’s compensation a lot. Never compromise a worker’s safety for their sake as well as yours.

5. Offers More Flexibility

You can consider rope access systems to be the jack of all trades for maintaining any building. There is more leverage with rope access equipment in regards to use and time.

Building workers can learn how to operate rope access in quick time, as it is not difficult. This ease makes maintenance workers more confident in their work. Rope access systems allow them to be more fluid in a variety of assignments, as well as be open to changes should they occur.

For example, if there are changes in weather conditions or an alteration in what tasks take priority, workers will be able to accommodate them. On the other hand, you will find yourself in a situational and financial bind if you decide to do such changes with heavier equipment.

This is because you may have to rent the equipment on top of reserving a schedule. When handling other types of maintenance equipment for buildings, sticking to the original schedule is more rigid.

You may use rope access for things like:

  • Imaging building diagnostics (electrical faults, air leaks in windows, water leaks)
  • General maintenance (painting, cleaning, restoration)
  • Steel installation
  • Waterproofing
  • New building construction or additions
  • Signage install
  • CVI’s (close visual inspection)
  • Infrared Imaging

Rope access systems are well-established as the best option. You can carry out just about any task at limitless heights.

Rope Access Benefits Are Endless for Your Property

If you’re a building property owner and you want your workers to fly in the sky, you want rope access to be their wings. Building repair and maintenance become simpler when you utilise them.

Whether you need someone to clean your winders or haul a heavy item to the highest story, any mission becomes more than possible.

Contact us if you need help with any task or job that seems daunting. We have a large team of technicians that are pros at heights, and our company can complete projects in good time at a great cost.

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