Glass is a crucial component of many modern high-rise buildings. It has many advantages, including improved energy efficiency, natural light and a beautiful aesthetic. However, maintaining the glass needs specialised knowledge and expertise to keep it in great condition.

In this article, we’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of high-rise glazing, drawing on the expertise of the specialist Apex Facades team, the leading provider of high-rise glazing solutions in SE Queensland. 


Work with an experienced glazing team

When it comes to high-rise glazing, you must work with an experienced and reputable company. They should have a proven track record of success, a long list of previous projects and all the relevant licenses and certifications. 

Prioritise safety

When installing or repairing glass in high-rise buildings, safety should always be a priority. The glass must be designed to withstand various conditions and should be installed to minimise the risk to those in the surrounding area. 

At Apex Facades, our rope systems have extraordinary safety records and we have a great safety record while working from heights. Thanks to strict regulations, checks and tests and years of experience, we ensure the safety of each building inspection we provide. 

Our team of rope access technicians is fully trained and has years of experience. Using rope access systems for building inspections lowers the chance of incidents and liability issues with heavy equipment and scaffolding. 

Use high-quality materials

Using high-quality materials is essential for ensuring the longevity of your high-rise glazing. For high-rise glazing, the products need to be specifically designed for high-rise buildings as they are exposed to various weather conditions and other environmental factors. 


Go for the cheap option

Cutting corners during the design or installation of high-rise glazing can lead to costly repairs, replacements, or even safety hazards down the line. Prioritising quality, safety, and longevity over short-term cost savings is important.

Neglect regular building maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of high-rise glazing. This includes regular rope access inspections, cleaning, and repairs as needed. Ignoring maintenance can lead to costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Assume all glazing companies are equal 

Not all glazing companies are created equal. Working with a reputable, experienced company like Apex Facades can help ensure that high-rise glazing is installed correctly, meets building codes and standards, and lasts for many years.

High-rise window glazing and window replacement at Apex Facades

Our high-rise glass replacement and installation services cover a wide range of needs, from minor glass repairs to the largest panels in Australia. Our experienced glaziers are skilled in window and curtain wall installation. They can provide onsite teams to construction sites, complete with specialist lifting equipment such as materials hoists, glass lifters and cranes.

We have the necessary experience, knowledge and equipment to ensure that all work is carried out safely and to a high standard. Whether a small repair or a large installation project, we’re here to help.

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