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Preserving the structural integrity of your building's exterior is essential. At Apex Facades, our cladding replacement services are designed to address the challenges associated with old or deteriorated cladding, as well as non-compliant cladding, ultimately protecting the safety and visual appearance of your building.
Cladding protects your building from the external elements and adds to its visual appearance. Over time, the cladding can deteriorate due to weather conditions, age and other factors affecting the building. This can impact the building's structural integrity, its aesthetic appeal and even its energy efficiency.

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Apex Facades has years of experience in the industry and we're the trusted name in cladding replacement in Australia. We offer a comprehensive service that includes assessment, sourcing and professional installation.

Our experienced tradesmen will assess your cladding to identify any issues and recommend a suitable solution to enhance its function and aesthetic appeal. We'll provide a tailored solution to meet your specific needs and offer a range of options to meet your building's requirements and align with your expectations.

Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle the most challenging cladding replacement projects, always prioritising safety, quality and compliance with industry standards. We understand every building is unique and so are its cladding replacement needs, so we customise our solutions to meet the specific challenges and goals of your project.

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