If you own or manage a high-rise building you’ll already know the importance of carrying out regular maintenance. But it’s not just the interior of the building that needs constant care and attention. The exterior also needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure it remains in good condition.

If a building’s facade is in disrepair, it reflects poorly on everyone, including your company and the occupants inside, whether they be commercial or residential. A well-maintained building reflects professionalism and will go a long way to improve your image and reputation.

Annual high-rise inspections

Conducting annual high-rise inspections and high-rise maintenance can save you money and help you avoid costly repair bills down the track. Keeping up with regular maintenance and carrying out annual inspections can ensure the longevity of your building and keep it looking great for years to come. A building can be affected by weather conditions and debri, causing window deterioration or damage to the surrounding areas. An inspection will keep you abreast of any maintenance issues before they become serious problems.

Delaying facade inspections can result in costly repairs and stains, grime and dirt that can accumulate and repairs that can be more difficult to fix down the track. Carrying out frequent inspections will also allow you to plan your maintenance schedule to ensure your building continues to be in optimum condition.

What to look for when hiring a professional high rise maintenance company

Unlike one or two story properties, high-rise buildings can be more difficult to inspect. It’s not easy to inspect the whole exterior of the building yourself and inspections must be carried out by a professional team. This team will need specialised skills to access difficult to reach areas of your building, without causing too much disruption to the surrounding areas. When hiring a professional to manage the maintenance and building inspections, it is important to understand how they operate.

Facade maintenance – Apex Facades

We believe we are one of the best facade maintenance and inspections companies in Australia. At Apex Facades we are the rope access and rigging specialists, meaning we can get access to even the most difficult to reach areas of your building.

At Apex Facades we pride ourselves on:

  • Minimising disruption – Heavy machinery is not the only answer when it comes to accessing high-rise building facades. Rope systems allow our team to access all areas of your building using a less obstructive approach.
  • Cost effective and more environmentally friendly – With no need for machinery, petrol, oil or electricity, rope access systems are cost effective and more environmentally friendly than other high-rise building access methods.
  • Increased access – We pride ourselves on our ability to reach areas others can’t. We can glide around the building with ease with our versatile and flexible rope access systems.

As an Australian owned and operated business, at Apex Facades we provide an all-encompassing service, carrying out inspections as well as glazing, construction and maintenance work. Our expert, trade-qualified technicians have extensive experience with high-risk and large commercial projects.

We are fully covered with specialist high-risk public liability and professional indemnity insurance and our safety systems are regularly and independently audited.

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